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If you were a fan of the series prior to spring 2018, you're probably noticing that The Merchant's Pearl has undergone an entire new design. 

That's right! We wanted to make sure the cover was speaking more life into what Leila and Emre's story has to offer. I hope you love the new look. I am quite smitten by it and so is my family. I must admit, it was a hard decision to make.  I loved my previous cover, too, and didn't want to take on an entire new branding. Now that the finished project has arrived, (both ebook & paperback), I am so excited to see what my designer, Dane, will unveil with the future installments of the saga.

These days, I am working hard on book #2! I hope to have the manuscript in my editor's hands by Christmas. That means it should be available to you by spring 2019.

After that, I'll be tackling book #3 as well as audiobooks on the first two! But,  in the meantime, I still have just enough time to play on Twitter. So stop by  ;)

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